SCORE, developed by Quattro Business Consulting is the combination of experience from many successful Corporate Performance Management projects and Global Balanced Scorecard methodology, is a corporate performance management solution.

Performance management with goals brings a tough process from the perspective of identifying follow-up and control points correctly. Score is designed to put these hardships out of the way and instead of using traditional evaluation techniques uses performance evaluation structure which is a more fair and systematic approach.

Strategic Performance Management with Score
With Score, corporate strategies are reduced to units and employees according to organizational hierarchy and hence allow access to performance data about strategies on every level, making easy and fast decisions possible. Also, since the relationship between strategic goals and budget can be clearly watched, there will be an improvement in employee loyalty and motivation. As a result, company dynamics will be hastened by increasing internal competition parallel to strategies.

All Performance Data under One Platform
With Score all performance data are collected from one database and are processes according to functions determined by the system. This prevents duplicate entries, incorrect data entry, human errors and problems between two integrated systems.

With Score all Employees are Performance Managers
Score Corporate Performance Management solution offers real-time reporting of success levels and trend graphics. Besides simply being a tool for measuring and reporting performance, Score tracks factors that are effective on the way to success and allows every employee to be the performance manager of themselves and their teams when there is a deviation from the target. Score allows employees to realize what they are expected from and enhance the relationship between employees and executives. Furthermore, by finding training needs and improvement possibilities faster, Score hastens corporate growth rate.

360 Degrees Performance Management
Score offers Ability Management Models to clients that want to endorse corporate performance management applications with ability based performance evaluations. Score makes 360 degrees performance evaluations possible by ability based behavior indicators. Ability evaluations are conducted by data from themselves, equivalent titles and lower and upper ranks. Training needs are also automatically found by evaluation results that go through the normalization process.

Basic Specifications:
  • Goal and ability based performance review; limitless indicator, report and ability definitions
  • Regional and local structuring mechanisms at different levels
  • Quick management of dynamic organizations through position based report definitions
  • Easy management of current term and end of term organizational changes (promotions, transfers, resignations, rotations etc.)
  • Comparisons and trend report an organization/ employee/ indicator/ performance periods basis
  • Analysis of goals and actualizations through multi-dimensioned and different graphic types
  • Automatic action appointments and supervision of hierarchy in these appointments and action budgets
  • Special report design with the data collected from Score via Score Report Designer or other resources
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) compatible interface
  • E-mail nitration with warning and message system; announcement sharing within the organization
  • Possibility of single sign-in mechanism with other systems used in the firm
  • Possibility to export all reports and graphs to excel, pdf, txt, rtf and csv formats
  • User based authorization
Score Corporate Performance Management Solution Video