In today’s world, the most innovative companies use methods like mergers, acquisitions, and sales of own companies to expose and increase their values. For both the merger and the merged companies, making correct and comprehensive value studies on the early phases allows them to validate potential prejudices and makes sure the pricing on the deal is correct.

Looking at both sectoral improvements and all the factors that affect the companies on the deal while doing undertaking comprehensive valuation studies plays a key role in overcoming difficulties in today’s dynamic merger and acquisition field. Allowing the real value to come to real and making sure that both sides remain transparent are not only important for the two companies taking part in the deal but also for regulatory institutions that watch these deals very closely. For this reason, before any activity like merger, acquisition or sales, making an effective and comprehensive operational and commercial evaluation is crucial for analyzing the entire deal in an effective manner.

Quattro’s Approach to Operational and Commercial Valuation
  • Sector analysis and identification of the company’s current position on the market
  • Evaluation of company operations, the interactions between these operations and the key factors that affect these operations and the detailed analysis of critical performance indicators.
  • Identification of risk areas and areas up for improvement on operational performance and customer satisfaction
  • Cost prediction for implementing these improvement opportunities and the company’s operational value in the future.

Why Quattro?
  • A holistic approach forms the perspectives of strategy, process, organization, and technology
  • Sectoral expertise
  • Experience in business processes, risk-based operational supervision and operational efficiency and activity analysis