1. Overview of the Logistics Sector

Logistics Industry is considered one the most advancing sectors both in Turkey and in the World. Both the upcoming growth and the legal and technological changes accompanied with it creates an opportunity for advancement and investment in the logistics sector.

When we look at the logistics industry of the world, out of worlds entire volume of trade, which was 17,4 trillion dollars in 2013, logistics sector counts for 6,4 trillion dollars. This volume divides into three categories, America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, each with similar market sizes.

2. Logistics Sector in Turkey and Foresights

According to “Turkey Logistics Sector Research” conducted by Quattro Business consulting in 2013, logistics in Turkey performs about 2% of the overall volume, which corresponds to 148.9 billion dollars.

It is expected for this sector volume to reach 440 billion TL by the year 2017. This indicates a 10% growth annually and a 40% growth overall.

By working on the Turkey Logistics Master Plan, especially on the legal side, a more organized and regulated structure, as well as a more long term driven approach is expected. Furthermore, especially the advancements in e-commerce industry promotes the growth of logistics sector. It is believed that maritime transport will keep its predominance in logistics. Besides the growth in highway and airway transports, specialization in railway transport will make further volume growth possible. Likewise, the developments in Ro-Ro and Ro-La fields will enable combined transportation to increase its volume in Turkey logistic industry. With the increase in the of 3PL and 4PL applications, the services under outsourcing will increase as well. It is expected that the Turkish logistics sector will maintain its activities on public contracts and private sector purchases.

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