It is not enough for a company to improve solely the quality of their goods and services to be competitive in the market. They also need to manage their human recourses department effectively, which is one their most valuable asset. It is known that the possibility of success is low even with excellent systems if effective HR management is nonexistent.

HR management is responsibility for hiring the right amount of capable employees. Training, motivating and improving them to address the required functions of the organization. To guarantee the effectiveness of HR, all of the processes must be analyzed correctly.

Improvement in technology, computerization, robotization, and communication have reached incredible levels. The use of local human resources is decreased and the use of outsourcing increased. This situation has carried HR to individual and organizational levels. HR has stopped simply being a place that builds systems to improve the current business and started to become the center of development.

Furthermore optimizing the number of employees or removing unnecessary departments as a whole are related to effective HR planning. As companies grow so do their number of employees and hence they look for new way to organize themselves. HR is becoming a department where more professional management is necessary.

Effective HR management provides companies with the following benefits:
  • An increase in the added value of the company
  • Starting strategic partnerships with the right people according to the companies strategies
  • Attracting talents to the company and making sure these talents remain loyal
  • Effective use of the technology acquired for workforce management, analysis, and reporting.
  • Making sure the system is open to organizational changes

Quattro’s Approach to HR Effectiveness
  • Comparing company’s HR departments with HR departments from different industries and evaluating them.
  • Analyzing to what extent the companies HR policies and applications align with its strategic goals
  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of HR management system
  • Determining the technological needs to support the effectiveness of the HR structuring.
  • Determining the fields to improve and quick gain areas for HR management.
  • Creating a roadmap to ensure HR plays a more strategic role in the organization and provide application help during the HR restructuring phase.

Why Quattro?
  • A holistic approach forms the perspectives of strategy, process, and technology
  • Sectoral expertise
  • Expertise in reconstructing and strategic HR management