In today’s competitive and complicated business world, tools that calculate and evaluate environment and performance conditions in a variety of ways are needed so that the managers can direct companies to perfect horizons.

Found by Robert S. Kaplan and David Norton, Balanced Score Card (BSC) is the most fundamental application for performance management and it evaluates an organization’s performance on 4 levels (financial, customers, learning and improving, business processes). When it comes to performance management, firms can use methods where only financial metrics are considered or use measurement tools to endorse management of the resources that form the internal and external dynamics of the firm. On the other hand, BSC is a strategic planning and management allows firms to improve their strategies and achieve their visions, enhance their internal and external communication and creates a bond between the firms’ operations and strategies during the performance management process by measuring the performances of processes and activities.

Quattro’s Approach to Performance Management
  • Analysis of current and future strategies; determining the strategic goals
  • Determining the indicators for the performance towards these goals
  • Distributing these strategies and indicators to departments and employees.
  • Determining the behavioral indicators and competence sets for the evaluation of competence overall
  • Preparing reports for titles/employees based on performance
  • Implementation of “Score Corporate Performance Management” to inspect performance reports

Why Quattro?
  • A holistic approach forms the perspectives of strategy, process, organization, and technology
  • Expertise on critical processes that affects company value and a performance management focused approach with a business processes foundation
  • A holistic approach towards goal and performance management
  • Integration of the conceptual design and “Score Corporate Performance Management” system