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AI has revolutionized how businesses operate. Equip your board and executives with the essential knowledge and insights to stay ahead in this digital landscape.

About the Training

Purpose: Demystify AI for your Board and Executives and foster an environment that welcomes technological advancements.
Duration: Spread over three sessions, each lasting 4 hours.
Mode: Choose between in-person workshops or virtual sessions, depending on your preferences and requirements.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Training Modules

  • Introduction to AI: Define AI and leverage it for a competitive edge.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Unravel the relationship between AI and ML.
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks: Dive deep into the transformative world of deep learning.
  • Engaging with Intelligent Machines: Examine the essence of machine intelligence.
  • NLP for Business: Dive into the world of NLP and its business applications.
  • Embracing Robotics in Business: Unveil the impact of robotics on various industries.
  • AI's Role in Society: Explore the profound societal implications of AI.
  • Future of AI: Visualize upcoming trends and innovations.
  • Making AI Work for Your Business: Integrate AI for optimal business outcomes.

About the Trainer: Hande Ocak Basev- a dynamic blend of strategist, entrepreneur, and AI aficionado

Hande, a seasoned Non-Executive Director, Entrepreneur, and Business Transformation Expert, brings over two decades of management consulting experience to the table. As an independent board member for an array of companies, her strategic insights have been instrumental in guiding and fortifying their future trajectories.

Her vast experience spans managing more than 350 transformation projects encompassing strategic, operational, and technological facets. Moreover, she boasts a rich background in business development, having helmed 50 successful projects. Hande's proficiency in Big Data Analytics is underscored by her advanced licensing in Google and Facebook Analytics platforms.

As an innovative entrepreneur, Hande founded Thinkneuro, Turkey's pioneering neuromarketing research company, and played an integral role in establishing WSI's London office, the world's largest digital marketing network. Her accolades include being recognized as the "Winner of the Year" in WSI among 1,000 global offices.

Hande's illustrious academic achievements include stellar performances in MIT's "AI for Business Strategy" course and Oxford's Artificial Intelligence Program. Comfortable in Turkish and English, she embodies a global perspective, making her uniquely poised to impart a comprehensive understanding of AI's global business implications.

Customization Available

We understand every company is unique. The content can be tailored based on the specific needs of your company and the existing knowledge levels of participants.

Feedback & Continuous Learning

Help us refine our sessions with your feedback. Together, we'll ensure the board and excutives continues to evolve in their AI understanding.

Benefits of AI Training

Understanding AI Technology: Gain an understanding of AI concepts, algorithms, and technologies that power machine learning and deep learning applications.
Real-world Case Studies: Explore successful AI implementations across various industries, learning from practical examples that drive business success.
Applying AI for Business Strategy: Discover how AI can revolutionize business strategies, from optimizing operations to enhancing customer experiences.
Empowering Decision-making: Equip yourself with data-driven insights to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Unlocking Innovation: Learn how AI can foster innovation and drive new opportunities for growth and expansion.
No Prerequisites: Whether you are new to AI or have prior knowledge, our training accommodates participants of all levels.

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